For Overseas Customers

For Overseas Customers

About inquiries by e-mail

If you have any questions or other inquiries, please send us an email.
A representative will contact you shortly.
If you do not hear from us, please contact us again or call us.

We have online shopping site for customers in Japan.
Please check product’s name and mail to
The indicated prices include VAT(10%) but we don’t charge VAT for overseas customers.

We will send invoice via PayPal. Credit card or bank withdrawal are available via PayPal.

Yes, it is possible.
DHL, EMS, Air small packet (under 2 kg)are available.
Delivery is impossible to some countries due to international conditions.

We cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience, but in case of defective products, we will replace them.
Call to +81-6-6429-0878 within 7 days from the delivery.
Please pay the shipping fee.

Please send e-mail to We will ship to overseas for 500 yen.

Please send your design by e-mail. Please make it monochrome in jpg file.
We will inform you the number of sheets that can be cut and send a quotation.
Please choose Awabi (abalone shell sheet) or Shirocho-gai (Pinctada maxima sheet).
It is possible to make the back side black.

Yes. We will also order products from other companies. If you live outside Japan, please do not hesitate to request items that can only be bought in Japan (except for prohibited imports like meat, chemicals, etc.)